Marion, MA

​So imagine this.. this girl moves to a small town in New England a few years back, falls in love with it.  She decides to stay, designs and builds a house on her own, runs a local art museum and along the way,  meets some wonderful friends. Girl leaves museum to follow her passion for design, opens a home interior store with a dear friend she worked with at the museum.  Store opens,  doing great.  Girl thinks, Hmmmm - let's open a restaurant behind the store!  Has she ever worked in a restaurant? No.  Does she love to cook?  Yes... but prefers to eat out.   So what does this girl do?  She goes ahead and opens a cafe and hires her mom and friends, non of whom have ever worked in a restaurant before!  The result... Kate's Simple Eats!  A friendly little spot where we laugh, occasionally swear, try and remember your name and have a ball making great food for really nice people.  Simple, right?

Apparently we're doing something right...

The Story (yeah, yeah, yeah...)

Sailing cultures tend to be rich in traditions.  Over time, tattoos became one of the more popular traditions among mariners.  Sailors, being a superstitious group, believed that certain symbols and talismans would help them when facing certain events in life.  By tattooing the pig and the rooster on one’s feet, it would ward against drowning in a shipwreck.  It was these animals, both incapable of swimming, that would survive a shipwreck because they were carried in wooden pens that would wash ashore, leaving them the only survivors of shipwrecks.   Additionally, the pig and the rooster are classic representations of the farm.  Kate’s Simple Eats is about fresh, simple fare with sourced ingredients from local farmers. 

​Kate's was opened in mid September, 2014 (despite not taking any of the "correct" steps in opening a restaurant) and so far, so good!  Below are some of the things that have been said about us so far....   Now, this is not said to be overconfident in the slightest.  We are so grateful to everyone who has said nice things and those that have forgiven us for our screw-ups!  If you have something nice to say, we would love to hear it.  If you have a complaint or suggestion, we want to hear those too because we want to fix whatever is broken.   Email Kate if you've got something to say!

The Pig & The Rooster

Kate's Simple Eats

Hours: Monday - Saturday  8am-4pm  Closed Sunday (sorry!)​